the hayMax way

How we work & why we are the way we are

HayMax & organic

HayMax allergen barrier balms have been organic from the very beginning, and have been certified organic by the Soil Association since 2006. The best chef will always ensure that the ingredients are the best quality they can find: if the ingredients are substandard the final outcome won’t be as good. We believe it’s just the same with an allergy product. So we use oils and powders from nature and by using organic ingredients we ensure they are gentle and comfortable on your skin as well as trapping the maximum amount of airborne allergens.

Soil Association Certification is a charity and is the UK’s largest organic certification body, responsible for certifying over 70% of all organic products sold in the country. They certify organic food and farming, organic textiles and organic health and beauty products. Visit the Soil Association Certification here.

We are also supporters of the Organic Trade Board, a not for profit company which has one mission: to grow organic sales in the UK. They communicate the benefits of organic directly to consumers through their fantastic campaigns which include advertising, digital and PR activity and much more. Visit the OTB here.

HayMax Ethics

What do we do that’s good?

  • We buy in the UK when we can
  • We buy Organic
  • We buy Fairtrade if possible
  • We try to keep our mileage down
  • We practice the three R’s – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
  • We trade ethically

Buying Local

We buy local to reduce the cost to the environment, even if it means it costs us a bit more.

Aluminium tins – Our tins come from London. They can be recycled and re-used!

Plastic pots– Plastic is one of the hardest materials to recycle. So far, we haven’t found anything that will hold HayMax so it stays stable that is also recyclable. However, we do have some exciting new trials of pots made out of Elephant Grass – a completely compostable and much more sustainable material. Whilst we are still in the trial process of using these pots, we are hoping that we will be able to make a permanent change to more sustainable and ethical packaging soon!

Our current pots are now made in the UK, which has been great for reducing our carbon footprint.

We are very occasionally asked why our 5ml pots have a recessed/hollow bottom, here’s a brief explanation.

When HayMax first started, we sourced a small quantity of 5ml pots from a German manufacturer. These pots looked rounded and cute but also were ‘double walled’ which meant that there was a small 5ml pot inside a larger pot. As part of Max’s drive to become more ecologically sound he found a manufacturer of pots based in the UK and was delighted – this had to be greener than shipping pots all the way from Germany! Or from China – which would be cheaper but not good for the environment. The only downside of this change of pot was the recessed bottom. The 5ml quantity of the product has never changed.

Trading Ethically

We know that when you’re in business disputes will inevitably arise – that’s just the way it is. But we think there is a right and wrong way to handle any issues when they crop up.

We have never resorted to using lawyers or going to court to resolve any problems. We prefer to talk to people directly and sort things out amicably. We think that’s the right way to do things. In previous years we have encountered issues, one of which was with a supplier. However, instead of using lawyers (which we had been advised to do) we dealt with the issue and eventually resolved it without legal intervention. The supplier now remains a valued part of our business!

We believe that if you treat people with respect they will treat you accordingly. This principle underpins our beliefs and how we work.

Charities, Associations & donations

At HayMax we think it’s really important to do our bit. We’re not into shouting about our charitable donations, but here’s a round up.

HayMax has pledged a donation every year for four years to the Organic Trade Board, supporting growth of sustainable, organic industry in the UK.

Ad hoc donations to marathon runs, fun runs and community events are made throughout the year, as well as raffle prizes for fundraising events.

Here are some of the charities that we support. Take a look at their websites to find out more…

Allergy UK is the leading national charity dedicated to supporting the estimated 21 million allergy sufferers in the UK. They also provide a dedicated helpline, support network and online forum for those with allergy and intolerance.They also help and support to educate health care professionals who work with patients with allergic conditions. HayMax is proud to be the Corporate Hay Fever Sponsor of Allergy UK for 2017.

Set up in 1994 following the deaths of four people from allergic reactions to nuts the Anaphylaxis Campaign is the only UK wide charity to exclusively meet the needs of the growing numbers of people at risk from severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) by providing information and support relating to foods and other triggers such as latex, drugs and insect stings.

Action Against Allergy (AAA) is a registered national charity founded in 1978 by Mrs Amelia Nathan Hill who, since childhood, had suffered allergic reactions to many different foods and chemicals. AAA helps others by providing invaluable information and resources.