Hay Fever? Dust or Pet Allergies?
Natural, Organic and Drug Free.

HayMax Allergen Barrier Balms.

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Why HayMax?


We have testimonials which state that HayMax has helped stop colds and flu, so it’s logical that it could also stop Coronavirus getting into your body.

It is important to note that it will not stop all virus particles from entering your body and it cannot be relied on as any sort of cure or complete prevention. But it may well be useful in addition to other measures you need to take to protect yourself.

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or Hay Fever?

Here is a chart to help you to tell whether your symptoms are more likely to be Coronavirus or hay fever. 
The clearer symptoms are at the top.
So, for example, a high temperature only occurs with Coronavirus (COVID 19) and not in hay fever.  Sneezing and itchy eyes only occur with hay fever, not COVID.


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What is HayMax?

HayMax is a multi award winning, drug-free, non-drowsy allergen barrier balm. HayMax traps pollen, dust and pet allergens before they enter the body. Suitable for the whole family, including pregnant and breastfeeding women & children.

Airborne Allergens Expert

HayMax has been created by Max Wiseberg and after a lifetime of suffering from allergies and 15 years in the business he’s now recognised as an airborne allergens expert. You can read more about Max here